120PCS Solder Seal Wire Connectors Electrical Waterproof Butt Connectors with Case(25WHITE,45RED,40BLUE,10YELLOW)B07C3NBTJ9


  • GREAT WIRE SOLUTION TO A DEMANDING SCIENTIFIC PROJECT-Wire Terminals guarantee a strong holding by tubing shrinking and solder melting which flows through the stripped wires, while the wires will never slip out of the solder connectors
  • WATERPROOF-Polyolefin tubing in outside and hot melt rings in inside effectively improve waterproof performance of Solder Wire Connectors.
  • FAST AND EASY OPERATION-Just take one step to handle all the Solder connectors.
  • APPLICATION AREAS-Application in areas such as automotive, watercraft, electrical and electronics industries, with 4 different sizes, So that repair work is much easier
  • COMPLIANT WITH ALL RELEVANT STANDARDS-solder seal wire connectors are compliant with ROHS, ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE standards


About Haisstronica Brand “Haisstronica” is a specialized manufacturer of butt connectors. Customers in Haisstronica could purchase high quality butt connectors. We will provide the most professional and reasonable offer and look forward to your information. “Product is king” is the original purpose of all products. We are committed to every detail of product quality. Offering better product solutions for customers. When crafting our connectors, we use highest quality copper, solder, and adhesive lined tubing.We design all our connector kits to have enough connectors to take you through numerous wiring projects without having to restock. Haisens is committed to delivering high quality product, and meeting our clients needs for each and every electrical application. At Haisens we believe that every connection counts. We stand behind the quality of our products. We will work on every inquiry to ensure your satisfaction.

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Weight 200 g


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